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Frequently Asked Criminal Defense Questions

Philip Schnayerson has been a certified criminal law specialist for over 25 years. We understand criminal defense and how to protect your rights. From Hayward to Oakland and everywhere in between, we help Californians facing state and federal charges.

Below, we answer some of our clients’ most frequently asked questions about criminal defense. Please contact us directly with any other questions or to discuss your case.

I Was Charged With A Crime In The Bay Area. What Happens Next?

Unfortunately, there is no way to know what will happen during your case — whether you will be convicted or face penalties. If you hire Philip Schnayerson as your lawyer, we can only promise that he will diligently defend you against the criminal charges and potential penalties. He has over 30 years of experience fighting for clients like you.

Do I Have To Answer Questions From The Police?

You do not have to answer questions from the police without consulting your attorney. Politely say “I wish to remain silent” until you receive legal advice.

Can The Police Search My Property?

Usually, the police need a search warrant to search your property. They can search without a warrant if:

  • You agree to the search of your property
  • The search happens at the same time as an arrest
  • There is an extreme danger to life or property
  • Evidence is clearly visible

However, there are cases where a warrant is necessary to search your car, house and other property. We can evaluate your case to determine whether it was necessary in your situation.

Will I Get Deported If I Am Charged With A Crime?

Even if you are in the country legally, you may be deported if you are convicted of a crime. That is why it is important for a skilled lawyer to defend you.

What Happens If I Go To Court?

First, there is a preliminary hearing where a judge decides whether there is suspicion of a crime. If they decide that there is suspicion, there will be an arraignment in Superior Court. During a pretrial hearing, the prosecution and defense attorney will make motions, which are legal ruling requests to the judge.

If your case proceeds to a jury trial, witnesses will be selected to appear. Then, lawyers from each side present evidence and question witnesses. The jury decides a verdict, and the judge will establish a sentence based on the judgment.

What Will It Cost To Hire A Defense Attorney?

The initial case consultation is free. Mr. Schnayerson can give you an estimate of the defense cost during this meeting.

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