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3 common DUI myths

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | Drunk Driving Defense

California has strict laws to punish those arrested on suspicion of DUI. New laws recently went into effect for 2019. For example, it will be mandatory for repeat DUI offenders to take a breath test inside their vehicles.

Despite intense ad campaigns, the police arrest hundreds of people around California every year for driving under the influence of alcohol. Part of this is due to numerous myths that continue to persist about alcohol and driving. Here are some common myths you need to forget in order to avoid an arrest.

Myth #1: The police need to catch you driving to arrest you for DUI

An officer does not necessarily have to pull you over to give you a DUI. For example, you may start driving only to realize you need to sleep it off. You pull off to the side of the road to rest, and law enforcement sees you. You exhibit all the signs of intoxication, and the officers arrest you. Although you did not drive when the police came by, they can reasonably assume you drove intoxicated because you were on the side of the road.

Myth #2: Your BAC has to be 0.08 percent to get a DUI

The legal blood alcohol content is 0.08 percent in California. The police can still arrest you even if your BAC falls below that threshold if you prove to be a danger to yourself or others. Therefore, even having just one drink before driving can result in an arrest.

Myth #3: You can pass a breath test by sucking on a penny

This is an urban legend that has proven false numerous times. The theory is that sucking on a penny will throw off the results of a breath test. The truth is that a breath test device measures air that comes from deep within the lungs. Getting the taste of copper in your mouth will not help in the slightest.