Philip A. Schnayerson

Criminal Defense Attorney

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Philip A. Schnayerson

Criminal Defense Attorney

Call 510-871-0800 for a free consultation.

Fighting Complex White Collar Charges

Consistently named as one of The Best Lawyers in America since 1987, attorney Philip Schnayerson has over 30 years of criminal law experience. If you face white collar charges, he can pursue the best outcome given your case’s unique situation.

White collar crimes cover a broad range of offenses, such as:

  • Ponzi schemes
  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Fraud in taxes, insurance and securities

These crimes, while not violent, can compromise an individual’s or a corporation’s financial stability or confidential information. White collar crimes can be prosecuted at both the state and federal level and require a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to protect your future.

Understanding Identity Theft Charges

The evolving digital landscape has made identity theft more prevalent than ever before. Depending on the nature of the crime, it may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Types of identity theft include:

  • Possessing personal information with the intent to commit fraud
  • Using personal information in a fraudulent manner
  • Selling an individual’s or company’s information without consent
  • Producing false identification information

Each instance of identity theft is charged separately, even if multiple crimes are committed against the same entity. This can quickly result in a number of charges with severe potential penalties.

Trust In A Criminal Law Specialist

Our clients benefit from working with a lawyer who has been certified as a criminal law specialist for over 25 years. This strong knowledge base allows for an agile approach to your case and a thorough defense.

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Early retention of legal counsel can greatly benefit your case. Call Philip A. Schnayerson, Criminal Defense Attorney, at 510-871-0800 to secure the help you need. You can also contact our Hayward office through this online form. During a free initial consultation, we will discuss your options and explain the criminal defense process.

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